My passionfruit in a pot has stopped growing, should I re-pant it?


Hi there, I have a passionfruit plant that has stopped growing. What is the best fertiliser to use & should I re-plant it? It's in a reasonably big pot at the moment & gets the morning sunshine on my front porch (when it's not raining of course!). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Mel Sleep


Hi Mel,

Wait for temperatures to warm up and it will start growing again soon. Passionfruit are gross feeders and grow very quickly in a short space of time. Use a nitrogen rich fertiliser such as Tui NovaTec Premium, which is high in nitrogen for leaf growth and high potassium for flowering and fruiting and is safe to use in pots. This will help to get the vine to the required height. 

Also feed with Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic every 14 days at a rate of 70ml per 9L watering can, and this will help establish roots and promote overall plant health, while also helping keep pests and disease at bay. Tui Seaweed and Fish Fertiliser is also beneficial, it's nitrogen rich, contains fish emulsion and has a fertiliser component to it as well. Remember to water your passionfruit regularly. 

Follow our Passionfruit Growing Guide here>

Thanks, Tui Team.

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My passionfruit in a pot has stopped growing, should I re-pant it? Comments

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