What houseplants can I grow in full sun?


Hi Tui, now that the sun is lower it comes further into the house thus my houseplants needing dappled light have been moved. What indoor plants tolerate sun?

Ann Kidd


Hi Ann,

The winter sun is not as intense and summer sun, you might be surprised at how your indoor plants can adapt to the different light levels in winter. As with all indoor plants bright light rather than direct sunlight is ideal, leaves can burn or develop scorch marks from direct sun coming through glass.

Indoor houseplants that tolerate bright light and sun are sanseveria (mother-in-laws tongue), pothos (Devil's Ivy), any succulents such as chain of hearts, chlorophytum (spider plant), tradescantia or zebrina (inch plant, bubble plant), Ficus (rubber plant). I hope these suggestions are helpful. 

Regards, The Tui Team

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