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What lawn seed is best for my shaded area?


Hi there, we have a piece of garden which is shaded most of the autumn, all winter and half of spring. We want to convert it into lawn. My wife would like chewings fescue. If so where can I buy enough for 25m2 or what would you recommend? We live in Temuka, South Canterbury.

Joe Grossman


Hi Joe

Tui LawnForce Superstrike Shady Places Lawn Seed is the perfect lawn seed mix for that situation. It is a blend of fine turf fescues specially bred for areas of low light and shade. Fescues grow well in your region. Your local Mitre 10 or Hammer Hardware stock Tui LawnForce Superstrike Shady Places. One 750g bag will cover approx. 30 square metres.

Thanks, Tui Team.

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What lawn seed is best for my shaded area? Comments

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