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What can I do to grow a healthy lawn?


Hi Tui, I have a lawn in the front and back of my house but it's full of weeds and hardly any lawn grass. What can I do to grow a healthy lawn? Thanks.

Kaushik Thakor


Hi Kaushik 

The key to maintaining a healthy lawn is regular watering, feeding twice a year and mowing on a high setting. Regular watering and feeding will encourage the lawn to keep actively growing and this will help crowd out weeds. By mowing the lawn on a higher setting the lawn wont get so stressed and will have some protection from drought over the hot dry months. By consistently doing this your lawn should start regenerating.

Feed with Tui Lawnforce New Lawns as this will help reinvigorate the lawn and stimulate grass growth. Depending upon how bad the weed problem is you may need to spray the lawn and resow, however we are going into the heat of summer and it is not the right time to do this. Early spring and autumn are the best times to sow a new lawn. Weeds prefer a slightly acid soil, therefore an application of Tui Lime may help adjust the pH of the soil so weeds are less likely to grow. 

Check out our Lawn Growing Guide here > 

Thanks, Tui Team.

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