When will my avocado tree fruit?


Hi Tui, I have planted an avocado tree in pot, it has been in there for 3 years. When will it fruit? Thanks.

renu devi


Hi Renu, when you will get fruit from your avocado will depend if the tree was grown from seed or whether it was a grafted avocado from a garden centre or grower. A plant grown from seed can take up to 7 years to fruit, that is why trees are grafted, to speed up fruit production, a grafted tree will fruit in 3-4 years. This is because a piece from an already fruiting tree is grafted on to seedling rootstock to improve plant vigour, increase disease resistance and increase fruit yield. The key to growing an avocado in a pot is that the pot needs to be big enough to take a large tree, and the potting mix needs to be free-draining as avocados do not like wet soils. Consistent watering and regular feeding will also help. The Tui Team

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