Why are my runner bean leaves curling?


Hi Tui, why are my runner bean leaves curling?



Hi Deb,

With limited information it is hard to say what is causing the leaves to curl, but here are a couple of suggestions. Usually curling leaves is a response to physiological problems such as too hot, too cold, too wet. Alternatively, it could be damage from sucking insects such as aphids, look on the underside of the leaf and see if you can find any insects that could be causing the damage. If there are signs of insect pests, talk to your local garden centre or DIY store for a solution. Curling of leaves can also be caused by virus disease, this can be carried in the seed from season to season, or spread by insects. My guess is that it still hasn't warmed up sufficiently for beans yet, soil temperatures are still cool and overnight temperatures are still low. As temperatures warm, your beans should grow out of their curling if it is just climatic. Apply Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic, it helps plants tolerate temperature fluctuations, and also makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases. Apply this every 7 days at a rate of 70ml per 9L watering can. The Tui Team.

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