Why are my worms trying to escape from the worm farm?


Hi, please help, can you tell me why the worms in my worm farm are trying to escape and are all around the top in clumps, they didn't do this last time and I have followed the instructions. Thanks.



Hi Leanne, there could be several reasons for this happening. Think about what has changed - is it too hot, too wet, not enough food or different food, maybe different bedding.

  • If the worms are clumping around the lid, they could be looking for air, worms breathe through their skin and will move to find better ventilation.
  • Check that the drainage holes in the working bin are not blocked up and that the bedding isn't too wet - if you pick up some bedding and squeeze it in your hand and water comes out, it is too wet.
  • It could be that they are overfed and there is too much undigested food. If you think this is the problem scoop some out, only feed them every 2-3 days or as fast as they consume the food.
  • Don't dump the bedding on top of the worms. Lay the worms on top of the bedding and let them tunnel their way into the bedding, this creates tunnels and aerates the bedding.
  • Use bedding such as garden soil, compost, damp cardboard, newspaper, peat or coir, avoid using potting mix which can contain synthetic fertilisers, or white paper which could contain bleach.  

Tui Team

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