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Tui In-ground Composter

Tui In-ground Composter

(5 out of 2 reviews)

Recycle your kitchen scraps straight into the garden with the Tui In-ground Composter. The perfect addition to any garden bed, this in-ground composting system creates healthy soil as worms feed on the organic matter.

Top up the Tui In-ground Composter with kitchen scraps for the worms to process into rich nutrients to naturally feed your garden.

The Tui In-ground Composter is simple to assemble, easy to use, and a great way to feed your garden.

Box recyclable through kerbside recycling, or tear up and add to your compost heap.


  • In-ground food waste recycling system with compost worm access holes.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Suitable for flower and vegetable gardens.

Directions for use

  1. Remove the Tui In-ground Composter from the box.
    Connect the two sections together, ensuring they click into place and are secure.
  2. Choose a position for your in-ground composter, preferably in the middle of your garden bed.
  3. Dig a hole approximately 45cm deep and 20cm wide.
    Bury the in-ground composter in the soil leaving the flared section exposed.
  4. In the base of the in-ground composter, place a bedding of pre-moistened strips of newspaper, leaf matter, straw and compost.
  5. Place food scraps inside in-ground composter. Fruit and vegetable waste, tea bags, coffee grounds and crushed egg shells are all good sources of organic matter. Do not put citrus, onions, salad dressing or vinegar in your in-ground composter.
  6. Worms from your garden will travel back and forth through the feeding holes, composting your waste and delivering nutrients directly back into the garden.

Your Tui In-ground Composter will provide additional nourishment for the worms already in your garden. To further increase performance, Tiger Worms can be added. You can buy them from hardware stores, garden centres or online.

Adding leaf compost to your in-ground composter every so often will help with oxygen circulation, which is important for composting.

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Tui In-ground Composter reviews

(2 reviews)

    I live in Akaroa, Canterbury, gardening on a steep hill, so heavy mulching plus the important addition of worm towers are positively (and surprisingly quickly) introducing new life into what was previously dry compacted clay. Highly recommended (especially uphill from citrus and veg plots). Thanks Tui ! (Oh and you can purchase new lids ,if like me stumbling around with heavy rocks you happen to munt the screw top handle).


    I have utilized my inground composter for 3 years now. I live in the Papamoa Beach where the soil is sandy and requires lots of attention and supplements to maximize the change to growing healthy plants. Now I have an abundance of worms which is great. This composter is so easy to use and a must for vege gardens.

    Toni McCallion