Why are the worms in my worm tower around the lid?


Hi there, I’ve had a worm tower since November and everything has been going great, however over the last month or so since summer has gone, lots of worms have been hovering at the top around the edge of the lid and not much food is being eaten. It’s the same foods they have always eaten quickly. Do they normally eat less in winter? Will the soil be more cold and wet so they are trying to get away? When I take the lid off they start crawling out. I’ve thought about digging the soil and old scraps out and starting fresh but there are lots of worms throughout it and it would take a while to pick them out. I’ve added bits of cardboard and hair in there to try make it a bit drier, and haven’t added much food in, but nothing seems to make a difference. Any ideas? :) Thanks, Amy 

Amy Smith


Hi Amy, the worms will come to the top if the environment is too wet, the worms are over-fed, cooler temperatures can also bring them to the top. Only feed your worms as quickly as they eat the scraps, you may want to stir up the food scraps using a stick or similar to help aerate the worm tower. Placing layer on top, such as damp cardboard, will also help. If it is a few rogue worms near the top and not clumps of worms then there is nothing to be concerned about. If the worm tower is getting full it may be time to move it to another location, if the food is building up, throw a small handful of Tui Garden Lime or Tui Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner into the worm tower to help speed up the break down of the food scraps. Lianne, Tui Team.

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