Why has my fruiting persimmon tree not fruited for the last two seasons?


Hi, my persimmon tree fruited well for several years but in the last two seasons has produced no fruit at all. I have pruned it in the same way every year, about 6 times. How can I get it fruiting again.



Hi Robert, there could be several reasons for your tree not fruiting. As you have had fruit in the past, your variety must be self-fertile or has a pollinator nearby. If it is raining at the time of flowering, or there are strong winds, pollination will be reduced due to the bees not working in the rain and flowers being blown off the tree. Persimmon don't like really hot weather conditions, so if you have had drought conditions, that can affect the tree. Mulch around the tree with organic material such as straw, compost, and mulch to protect the roots against extreme weather conditions, and to help conserve soil moisture. Feed your tree in early spring and again in late summer, early autumn. A natural organic based fertiliser is the best, such as Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit fertiliser, it is 100% natural based pellet and a complete feed for your fruit trees. A balanced fertiliser is best, you don't want anything too high in nitrogen as this can cause fruit drop. Persimmon fruit on current seasons and one year old growth, alternate with a light prune one season and a harder prune the next to ensure you have fruiting wood on your tree. Lianne, Tui Team.

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Why has my fruiting persimmon tree not fruited for the last two seasons? Comments

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