Why have my lemon and lime tree dropped their leaves?


Hi Tui, I planted a lemon and lime tree a few months ago and they have both dropped all their leaves in summer over the last month. I haven’t mulched and I water about once a week. I have also fed the plant. The lemon tree has tiny lemons on it with no leaves left. The lime has virtually nothing. Any advice?

Dean Gomes


Hi Dean, I think your lemon and lime trees need more water, once a week probably isn't enough with the hot dry weather we have been experiencing. You don't say whether the plants are in the garden or in pots, either way, more water at least 2-3 times a week, mulch around the plants is beneficial to help conserve soil moisture. When fertilising plants be sure to follow the application rates on the pack, too much fertiliser can also cause plants to drop leaves. Remove the fruit from the lemon tree as all of the plants energies are going into producing fruit and not establishing the tree. Photo's always help, if you can send one in I might be able to work out exactly what is going on. Tui Organic Seaweed plant tonic applied at a rate of 70-100ml per 9L watering can applied weekly may help the plants recover. Then apply every 2-4 weeks to help maintain good healthy growth. The Tui Team.

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Why have my lemon and lime tree dropped their leaves? Comments

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