Pallet Garden Gardening Hack

Next time you see an old pallet, take a second look. With a few plants and a quick spruce up, you’ll be left with a brand new garden!

Shopping List

  • Vege, herb & flower seedlings
  • Untreated timber pallet
  • Plywood
  • Saw / hammer / nails
  • Weedmat / stapler
  • Tui Outdoor Container Mix
  • Seaweed Plant Tonic
  • Garden staples
  • Eye hooks and chains

What you need to do

  1. First, create pockets you can plant into. You do this by adding a base to each row of the pallet. For the bottom of the pallet measure and cut the ply to shape.
  2. Stand the pallet upright and nail the ply to the base of the pallet.
  3. Next, remove boards that aren’t needed and use them to make the base of each pocket.
  4. Cut the boards to the correct length for each row.
  5. Nail the boards to the bottom of each row creating pockets.
  6. Once you have created the pockets, line each row with weed mat to keep the soil and moisture locked in.
  7. Find somewhere in your garden easy for you to get to, close to the kitchen is perfect. Then screw it in using eye hooks and chains.
  8. Fill each row with Tui Outdoor Container Mix to give your plants a nutrient boost and help stop your soil drying out.
  9. It’s a good plan to choose plants that grow fast and have shallow roots. Mix your chosen herbs or salad greens with a few flowers for a bit of colour. We planted: lobelia, thyme, chives, marigolds and parsley.
  10. Soak seedlings in a bucket of Seaweed Plant Tonic ensuring the container is fully submerged.
  11. Then it’s planting time! Dig small holes with your fingers and position each plant in a hole. Press soil gently around each plant.
  12. That’s it! Water plants well, and continue to water every second day to keep it nice and moist. In four to six weeks you will have tasty homegrown delights to enjoy!

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Pallet Garden Gardening Hack Comments

  • Like the pallet idea. Magic!