Summer Drinks Gardening Hack

Rather drink punch than grow veges? Then this summer drinks garden including delicious fruit and garden‑fresh herbs is for you!

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What you need to do

  1. Half fill a half wine barrel or your chosen container with Tui Pot Power.
  2. Place two capfuls of Seaweed Plant Tonic into a bucket with water. Soak the lime tree in the bucket before planting.
  3. Remove the lime tree from the bag or bucket it came in and gently loosen the root ball of the tree.
  4. Place the lime in the pot and top up with more Tui Pot Power. As a rule, you want the soil around your tree to be at the same level as it was in the bag. Once you’re happy, press down firmly around the base of the tree.
  5. Next, soak the herb plants in the bucket of Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic.
  6. For each herb plant, dig a hole approximately twice the size of the root ball around the tree.
  7. Remove the herbs from their containers and plant one per hole, filling in with Tui Pot Power.
  8. Give them a good drink with the last of the Seaweed Plant Tonic in the bucket, and remember to keep it up over those hot months. Bring on summer!

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Summer Drinks Gardening Hack Comments

  • I'm spend my whole summer in my gardens


  • Love Tui products, just filled hanging baskets with carpert roses using Tui Potting Mix and fertiliser. They look great. They are on my sun porch with filtered sunlight, 3 red and 1 white. Thank you Tui.

    Ann Craig.

    • Hi Ann, these sound lovely! Thank you for your feedback, we're glad you enjoy our products :)

      Tui Team

  • Oh yes please to the drinks package!!


  • Am really enjoying getting out into the garden again. My little paradise 🌸

    Helen Pond

  • My quiet place surrounded by nature's goodness. limes and herbs, oh please send me some

    Muriel Ann Cavallaro

  • To grow is to live well


  • You can grow blue borage and float the starry blue flowers in your punch, or sprinkle them over your salads, it is a very easy plant to grow.

    Jane Maxwell

  • Potted Lime tree would make my little Garden.

    Glyn Hunt

  • I love to garden with tui

    Brendan Selwood

  • love tui products x

    Chrissy Baker

    • Thanks Chrissy, glad to hear you enjoy using our products! 

      Tui Team

  • Hi I love gardening in summer, especially in evenings.

    Allie Foster

  • Love it, planting in pots is the only way I’m able to garden.

    Hoana Harris