100% recycled plastic: Tui Enrich Fertilisers

Tui Enrich controlled release fertilisers are a wonderful 'feed and forget' option, feeding your plants as they require it, for up to six months.

The range includes six variants and we're excited to let you know that the 500g range is in the process of moving to 100% recycled plastic.

We started moving the Tui Enrich 500g pottles to 100% recycled plastic at the end of 2021. Out of the six variants, three have moved to 100% recycled plastic so far: Pots & Containers, Indoor Plant and Vege, Tomato & Herb.

Tui Enrich is a premium triple action system to deliver exceptional plant performance. Osmoforte® Microbial Technology creates healthy soil, and is paired with a premium controlled release fertiliser to provide vital nutrients to nourish plants.

Note: The Vege, Tomato & Herb variant is in the process of changing from an orange colour pottle to a purple coloured pottle (as pictured above).

We've also just launched the new Indoor Plant variant to treat your houseplant family to a longer feed!

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