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Create a Mosquito Free Garden

Mosquitoes are common over the warmer months and can easily disrupt you enjoying your piece of paradise. The good news is there a number of edibles you can plant to help repel bugs the natural way - check them out below.


Herbs are not just handy in the kitchen! Growing them in the garden can help deter mosquitoes and other bugs with their strong scents. Give the below herbs a go:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Lovely lemon herbs - lemon balm, lemon thyme and lemongrass


Not only do marigolds help crops that suffer from aphids and greenfly, they can also be planted to help deter mosquitoes. Widely available over the summer months, marigolds also add a bright pop of colour to your garden!


In addition to it's healing properties and wide uses in cooking, garlic can also be planted to repel mosquitoes as don't like the smell of it.


Not only for cats! Catnip can be planted as a natural mosquito repellent. Just remember to plant it away from plants that you don't want cats attracted to.

We'd love to hear the plants you've found successful in keeping mosquitoes away in your garden - comment below!

Check out our Companion Planting Guide to help deter insect pests ruining your carefully tended plants

When should I plant
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec
  • Harvest in 40-60 days

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Create a Mosquito Free Garden Comments

  • We have grown basil in pots on the deck by our doors over the last few years as a deterrent to houseflies. Last month we gave small plants to our grand daughter who suffers badly from mosquito bites in her home in Tutkaka. She is growing these in pots in her bedroom and hasn't been bitten since

    Bill Morgan

  • Will try this,

    Jenifer Ricketts

  • Hi Bill, that's great to know. Basil is a great herb! Thanks for sharing ^Tui Team


  • Growing rhubarb, don't grow near limes as this will kill or severely impede the lime! My mistake putting these 2 beside each other!

    Susan Perrin

  • Where do you get catnip as I've got cats but I've never seen a catnip plant?


  • will the herbs deter white fly .

    Royce Dinnington

  • Thanks Bill. Will try this in our son's room. They just love him!


  • I place an uncut or unpeeled onion in my bedroom. I can't smell it but it keeps the mossies away.


  • Hi Dianne, that's great to know. Thanks for sharing this tip! ^Tui Team


  • Hi Royce, marigolds are known to help deter whitefly. We've also heard of using basil as a repellent but haven't tried this one ourselves. ^Tui Team


  • Hi Sharon, it is available at garden centres, check near the herb plants. Pet stores such as Animates also stock catnip. Thanks ^Tui Team


  • I am trying levender to discourage flies etc. but i would love to know what will cause ants to leave my home. They have moved into my pot of basil, mint and parsley inside my kitchen!

    rowena bullen

    • Hi, to deter ants coming indoors look for their entry point and put a bay leaf or two in the cracks or joins. I do this in my pantry where they used to come in. No more ants!

      Carolyn C

  • Hi Rowena, although an inconvenience, fortunately the ants don't harm plants. Sometimes they are there because there will be an insect exuding a honey dew such as scale insect, aphids, or mealy bug. Check your herb plants for signs of these insects, and applying an insect control product suitable for these insects if you spot any infestations (there are natural options available). By controlling these insects you shouldn't attract ants. One idea is planting the herb Pennyroyal as its aromatic foliage deters ants. Alternatively you can use bait stations which you can purchase at hardware stores. All the best ^Tui Team


  • Catnip is my cats choice. No mozzies either.

    Bev Patchett

  • Hi Bev, that's great to know. Thanks for sharing your success story. Happy gardening ^Tui Team


  • Interesting. I have planted rhubarb within a metre of my lemon tree. Ever heard of the same reaction with rhubarb and lemon?


  • If you rub your dog with Mint/Peppermint it will get rid of fleas. It works so well you can see it happen in front of you


  • Hi Noeline, wow that is interesting! Thanks for sharing this tip with us. ^Tui Team


  • Planting rhubarb beside mint will kill the mint in a season, even one that was growing strong.


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