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Discover Tui Performance Organics

NEW Tui Performance Organics harnesses the power of nature to deliver outstanding results through ingredients you can be sure are true to nature, just like the garden you're keeping.

Organic ingredients that get great results - Tui Performance Organics range has everything you need to prepare, plant and nourish your garden naturally.

We're taking the best bits from two fantastic ranges - Tui Performance Naturals and Tui Organics, to offer you even better performance with the benefit of 100% organic ingredients - in Tui Performance Organics.

Tui Performance Organics Growing Media

The Tui Performance Organics Growing Media range includes mixes and compost to provide the best start for your garden, naturally! Each product is made using 100% BioGro certified ingredients and contains inputs to create the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

  • Tui Performance Organics Seed Raising Mix is a natural way to start growing your own from seed, containing gypsum and seaweed to support the growth of healthy roots.
  • Tui Performance Organics Potting Mix is the perfect start to your potted garden and contains added magnesium to promote healthy green leaves and boost the performance of your potted plants.
  • Tui Performance Organics Vegetable Mix is boosted with potassium to encourage a plentiful harvest, seaweed for root development and is a source of natural plant nutrients – the perfect start for your vege garden.
  •  Tui Performance Organics Compost contains natural sources of organic matter and nutrients to revitalise your soil, support aeration and increase water retention.

Key benefits of the range

Organic ingredients that get great results - the perfect start to growing your own.

Tui Performance Organics fertiliser pellets

Tui Performance Organics fertiliser pellets combine fast acting natural sources of nutrients with slow release feeding to support rapid and consistent growth – the natural way. Made with 100% BioGro certified organic ingredients for an organically great garden that gets results!

Key benefits of the range

  • 100% BioGro certified ingredients.
  • Unique fast action feeding with long lasting organic nutrients for optimum plant health.
  • Easy to use pellets in a handy resealable bag.
  • Bag made from at least 30% recycled plastic.
  • Bag recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme.

Tui Performance Organics liquid fertiliser range is coming soon - keep an eye on our website and social media for updates!


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