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Introducing the Tui 'No Sprout' Wild Bird range

NEW PRODUCT for our feathered friends!

Introducing the Tui 'No Sprout' Wild Bird range featuring a unique no sprout formulation.⁠ This blend of ingredients won't sprout weeds in your garden!⁠

Treat your feathered friends with the Tui No Sprout Wild Bird range, a delicious blend of all natural seeds and grains that wild birds will feast on, without the risk of pesky sprouts popping up in lawns or gardens.

50 cents from every pack of Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed purchased goes toward supporting Trees that Count, a charity on a mission to help plant millions more native trees throughout Aotearoa. Planting native trees help to create habitats for our wild birds, supporting our native biodiversity.

Doing the best for wild birds and for your garden - that's got to be good!


  • Unique no sprout formulation - a blend of ingredients that wont sprout weeds in your garden.
  • All natural blend packed with essential nutrients needed to sustain wild birds.

Look out for the range in stores!

Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed

This multi-use feed is suitable for use in feeders and scattering on your lawn.

Bag made from at least 30% recycled plastic, recyclable through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme.

Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Seed Bell

Simply hang from a perch or tree branch and enjoy the birdsong in your backyard!

Box recyclable through kerbside recycling, or tear up and add to your compost heap.

Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feeder & Seed

Prefilled so it's read to use and it's  refillable!


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Introducing the Tui 'No Sprout' Wild Bird range Comments

  • Excellent, no more weeds. I will definitely buy on my next outing.

    Barbara McPeake

  • Hooray for sproutless bird seeds!!!!!!! I feed the birds every day and I have weeds all over! Still doesn't stop me!!

    Maureen Downs

  • Hi the next time I make up a mixture of beef (boiled down) fat, egg shells (dried, crushed) and seeds I will look for some no sprout seed.

    David Goodin

  • You don't say what chemicals are added to stop seeds sprouting. Any reason?

    Dennis Holloway

    • Hi Dennis, the seeds are not treated with any chemicals. They are heat treated, which is a normal process for any imported bird seed coming into New Zealand, the seeds spend three days in a heat treatment plant at a temperature that makes them not viable and so they do not germinate. For the No-Sprout range we have treated the New Zealand grown seed so that it also doesn't sprout, we have received feedback over the years from consumers unhappy that radish and mustard, to name a few, have germinated in their lawns where the birds feed.


  • Sounds and looks really good, especially for the lawns.

    Pauline Mills

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