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Propagate Pothos and Philodendrons with Hollie


Multiply your Pothos and Phildendrons for free!

Follow these simple steps with Hollie @hollielovesplants on instagram in her tiny house.

You will need:

  • A clear glass jar or cup
  • Clean, sharp snips

How to propagate:

  1. For your cutting to be viable it will need at least one node - the more the merrier as they wont all take!
  2. Cut beyond the nodes so they are part of your cutting.
  3. Fill your glass jar or cup with water and place the cutting so the nodes are under the water but the leaves aren't.
  4. Keep the cutting in a warm, sunny spot out of direct sunlight and change the water once a week.
  5. When the roots are at least 5cm long pot your cuttings up with Tui Indoor Plant Mix.

Keep the soil moist for the first month while the water roots adjust to soil.

It could take weeks or months for the nodes to turn into roots depending on conditions.

Pothos nodes

Pothos nodes

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Propagate Pothos and Philodendrons with Hollie Comments

  • Very helpful directions on propagation.

    Denise Hamilton

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