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Stunning summer colour

Pops of pink, purple and gold are trending this season with these stunning new plants from Zealandia.

Available at all leading garden retailers in summer 2022. Place orders now with your favourite local retailer so you don’t miss out on these unique blooms!

Lysimachia Goldilocks - ‘Rivers of gold’

A low growing perennial, Lysimachia Goldilocks forms an attractive mat of roundish to heart shaped, shiny golden leaves.

It's a superb variety to add to mixed planters where they add some foliage flare and colourful trailing contrast. It looks wonderful as it spills gracefully over containers or hanging baskets, and is equally at home as a ground cover or in rock gardens.


colourwave Petunia Purple Heartbeat

An adorable new variety with a compact mounding, strong branching growth habit, which becomes adorned with masses of petite flowers.The white flowers of this petunia are subtly patterned with purple hearts making this flower unique to any other petunia. Produces masses of small flowers which dry up and fall of when finished making this a self-cleaning variety.

Charming in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. Seasonal variations and changeable weather conditions can cause some colour variations in the flowers.

Strobilanthes Purple Power - ‘Feel the Power’

A stunning, highly coloured ornamental plant which produces delightful tropical foliage. This variety presents beautifully with iridescent metallic purple leaves with medium green veins for contrast. 

Strobilanthes Purple Power are showstoppers indoors, in the garden, or can add a splash of colour to your patio pots where they can be planted as a single statement plant or to add to mixed planters. It's perfect for adding colour to partially shaded areas in your garden.

colourwave Petunia Sumo Glacial Pink

A mound forming petunia which has unrivalled size whilst still maintaining a full form and large, impressive flowers.

The pale pink flowers of this petunia are highlighted by their deep pink throat which are displayed beautifully all over the plant. It's the prefect landscaping petunia suitable for flower beds, cascading over retaining walls whilst equally being suitable in large patio pots or hanging baskets.

A stunning addition to the other 3 colours available in this range!


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Stunning summer colour Comments

  • I have so much fun planting then seeing the wide variety of colours in my garden.

    Donna Bridgeman

  • I'm getting the petunias because they look so fab, my wife adores these.


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