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Top Tips for Cacti & Succulents

Cacti & succulents are easy-care plants, that can add interesting colours and textures to your indoor plant oasis. Just like plants growing outdoors, indoor plants also need regular TLC. See our tips below for keeping your cacti & succulents in top shape.

caring for your cacti & succulents 

Cacti and succulents are easy-care, low maintenance plants to grow. They're perfect for the time poor gardener, as they're are able to tolerate a bit more neglect than most other indoor plants. 


  • Plant cacti and succulents in a free draining potting mix, as poor drainage can lead to root rot. Tui Indoor Plant Mix is a free draining mix that contains a starter fertiliser to provide instant nutrients and prevent transplant shock, along with a controlled release fertiliser for sustained feeding for up to six months.
  • Most cacti & succulents will benefit from re-potting into a slightly larger pot every year in early spring, or for slower growing plants every 2-3 years. 


  • Cacti & succulents thrive in warm environments, so place them in the sunniest position with maximum direct sunlight. A sunny windowsill is the perfect position.


  • Cacti & Succulents will benefit from regular watering in spring and summer. As a rule of thumb  touch the surface of the mix and if it feels dry, water, and allow the surface of the mix to dry out between watering. Plants benefit from reduced watering in winter.
  • These plants prefer a low humidity environment, so leaf misting isn't required.


  • Feed your cacti & succulents every two weeks in spring and summer with Tui Enrich Pour & Feed Cacti & Succulents fertiliser, a premium formulation designed with vital nutrients to promote healthy green plant growth.
  • Fertilising is not required in winter.

Pests & Diseases

  • Cacti & succulents are relatively pest and disease free, however mealy bug and root mealy bug can be sometimes be a problem. Use Tui Indoor Plant Insect Spray to control. Apply when infestations are first noticed and then weekly while insects are active.
  • Root rot can also be a problem due to poor drainage or over watering.

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