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Whatever your choice of plant, creating your very own indoor oasis is an awesome way to add life into your indoor living spaces. Discover how to take great care of your indoor plants below.

1. Choose the right type of plant for the right place. Most plants love a bright well lit spot rather than direct sunlight.
2. Now it's time to find the best pot. Choose a container that's a suitable size. The pot should have drainage holes or place pebbles at the bottom of the pot to create drainage.

3. Healthy soil is a biggy for indoor plants. Choose a potting mix that is free draining like Tui Indoor Plant Mix.

4. Water your plants before potting and let them drain, then partly fill your container with Tui Indoor Plant Mix. Gently take the plant from it's current container, put the plant in the centre of a new container and fill up to 3cm from the top, firming the mix around the plant.

5. Keep an eye on your plants for any care they need. Remove any dead or unhealthy leaves and look for pests. If you find any sign of insects spray with Tui Indoor Plant Insect Spray.

6. Check the moisture level of your plant with the tip of your finger or using a moisture meter. If the soil feels dry, give them a water. If the soil feels moist, you don't need to water, as over watering can be just as harmful as under watering.

7. Reglular feeding will help your plants grow stronger. Check out our range of pre-mixed Tui Enrich Pour & Feed fertilisers.

That's all you have to do to have a lovely space with happy indoor plants. Follow our Indoor Plant Guide here >

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