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Organic Gardening 101

Everything you need to prepare, plant and nourish your garden naturally.

Discover Tui Performance Organics

NEW Tui Performance Organics harnesses the power of nature to deliver outstanding results through ingredients you can be sure are true to nature, just like the garden you're keeping.

Organic Gardening Guide

Whether you’re growing delicious seasonal vegetables and herbs, or fresh fruit, using the Tui Organic range means you have maximised the natural goodness in your garden. Follow our guide to grow your edibles the organic way this season.

Top Organic Garden Tips

To help you garden the organic way this season, we have put together our top organic gardening tips as shared by our Facebook friends (and a few from us!) Check them out below and share yours in the comments section.

Organic Container Gardening Guide

Organic food is growing in popularity - try growing your own for things you eat regularly like salad greens and herbs. Create a mini organic patch in some large containers and maximise the natural goodness in your garden!

Natural Gardening Guide

Whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs and fruit, or luscious foliage, trees and shrubs, here are some useful tips for easy and cost effective ways to keep your garden naturally healthy.