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Worm Farming 101

Discover everything you need to know to start worm farming!

A Beginner's Guide to Worm Farming

Worm farming is a fun way to turn your organic waste, like kitchen scraps, into rich fertiliser for your garden in the form of worm castings and worm tea. Worm farming is gaining recognition and popularity, with many schools and some businesses having them set up to recycle lunchtime scraps!

Tui Worm Farm

Make your own nutritious fertiliser from organic kitchen and garden waste with the Tui Worm Farm. The compact design makes the Worm Farm ideal to sit in your garden or on your balcony. With two working trays and a collector tray to collect valuable worm tea, it is easy to use.

Worm Farming Questions & Answers

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked from gardeners using the Tui Worm Farm.

Tui Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner

Tui Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner is a specially selected blend of natural minerals to help neutralise acidity and balance pH levels in your worm farm or compost bin. Correct pH levels help worms to digest larger quantities of food waste. In compost, this conditioner promotes efficient conservation of essential nutrients by soil bacteria and helps increase the availability of nutrients for plants.

Setting up your Tui In-Ground Composter

Recycle your organic kitchen waste straight into the garden with the Tui In-Ground Composter. Simply top up with your organic waste for the worms to process into rich nutrients to feed your plants.