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Tui Compost

Tui Compost

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Available in: 20L & 40L

Tui Compost is the natural garden ingredient - the staple in every Kiwi shed! Healthy, conditioned soil is essential to get the most from your plants.

Tui Compost adds nutrient-rich organic matter to replenish your soil with nutrients used during the growing season. The combination of organic matter, blood and bone and gypsum will: help break up heavy or clay soil; improve drainage in compacted soil; and increase water holding capacity in sandy soil. It also increases microbial activity, and encourages earthworms - a gardener's best friend!

This bag is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme, it just needs to be clean and dry. Learn how to clean and dry your Tui growing media bags here.


  • Gypsum improves soil structure, aeration and water retention.
  • Blood & bone for natural fertilising.
  • Use in new and existing gardens.
  • 100% weed free.

Directions for use

Directions for when planting:

  1. Apply approximately 20L of Tui Compost per square metre of garden.
  2. Dig to a depth of approximately 20cm.
  3. Follow individual planting instructions.
  4. Water well after planting.

For the ultimate soil conditioner, dig in both Tui Super Sheep Pellets and Tui Compost - your plants will thank you.

Avoid planting directly into Tui Compost as this may burn plant roots.

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Tui Compost reviews

(1 reviews)

    Great quality and value. Never had any issues with it like other brands going mouldy

    Laura Wilson

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