Tui Compost

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Available in: 20L & 40L

Tui Compost is the natural garden ingredient - the staple in every Kiwi shed! Healthy, conditioned soil is essential to get the most from your plants.

Tui Compost adds nutrient-rich organic matter to replenish your soil with nutrients used during the growing season. The combination of organic matter, blood and bone and gypsum will: help break up heavy or clay soil; improve drainage in compacted soil; and increase water holding capacity in sandy soil. It also increases microbial activity, and encourages earthworms - a gardener's best friend!


  • Gypsum improves soil structure, aeration and water retention.
  • Blood & bone for natural fertilising.
  • Use in new and existing gardens.
  • 100% weed free.

Directions for use

Directions for when planting:

  1. Apply approximately 20L of Tui Compost per square metre of garden.
  2. Dig to a depth of approximately 20cm.
  3. Follow individual planting instructions.
  4. Water well after planting.

For the ultimate soil conditioner, dig in both Tui Super Sheep Pellets and Tui Compost - your plants will thank you.

Avoid planting directly into Tui Compost as this may burn plant roots.

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(1 reviews)

    Great quality and value. Never had any issues with it like other brands going mouldy

    Laura Wilson

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