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Tui Hydrangea Blue Aluminium Sulphate

Tui Hydrangea Blue Aluminium Sulphate

(4 out of 1 reviews)

Available in: 650g

Deep, blue hydrangeas are a stunning feature in any backyard. The addition of Tui Hydrangea Blue to your garden will enhance the deep, blue colour of your hydrangeas. Tui Hydrangea Blue also benefits other acid-loving plants, acidifying soil to create ideal conditions for healthy growth so plants reach their flowering potential.

Use in your flower garden, to reap the rewards of superior plant performance.


  • Acidifies soil to reduce the pH level.
  • Also suitable for other acid loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellia, ericas, daphne, gardenias and kalmias.
  • Intensifies the deep blue colour of hydrangeas.
  • Comes in handy resealable pouch bag.

Directions for use

Established plants

  • Apply 30g (approx. 2 tablespoons) per square metre of garden.
  • Lightly fork into the soil around the plant.
  • Water in well after application, taking care to wash any product off the plant foliage.

Apply in spring before bud burst and then again in October and November.

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Tui Hydrangea Blue Aluminium Sulphate reviews

(1 reviews)

    Seems to work to restore the colour in my old hydrangeas. They're huge blooms but lost their colour over the years. Regular hydrangea blue gets them blue again.

    Daphne Carvalho