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Tui NitroPlus Fertiliser

Tui NitroPlus Fertiliser

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Available in: 1.5kg, 5kg

Do your plants a good deed this season and give them a well deserved feed.

The fast acting nitrogen in Tui NitroPlus Fertiliser gives your plants an instant kick, and the long lasting nitrogen continues to feed them for up to three months.

Each individual granule contains the same available nutrients – so your plants are rewarded with a balanced and even spread of all essential nutrients. Use on your vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs – reward your plants and your garden is sure to return the favour.

N–P–K 12–5.2–14 + S + Mg + trace elements


  • Fast acting fertiliser to give your plants an instant boost.
  • Replenishes nutrients by feeding your plants for up to 3 months.
  • All purpose formulation suitable for all plant types.
  • Bag made from 30% minimum recycled plastic.

Directions for use

When planting:

  • Prior to planting apply 80g (approx. 3 tablespoons) per square metre of garden.
  • Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  • Water in well after application.

Established plants:

  • Apply 80g (approx. 3 tablespoons) per square metre around the plant’s dripline (the dripline is where the plant’s foliage extends to).
  • Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  • Water in well after application.

Not recommended for use in pots and containers.

Do not apply when daytime temperatures are high and soil is dry, or if plants are suffering moisture stress.

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