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Tui Seed Raising Mix

Tui Seed Raising Mix

(5 out of 2 reviews)

Available in: 15L & 30L

Nurturing your plant from a tiny seed to a delicious crop of veges, or a stunning floral display, provides satisfaction second to none for gardeners! To make sure your seed raising endeavours end in success start with Tui Seed Raising Mix. This light, free draining mix is specially blended to provide ideal conditions for germinating seeds and seedling establishment. Gypsum ensures strong, healthy root growth and seaweed improves root development and overall plant health.

Use in seed raising trays, your garden, containers and pots to provide your seeds with the ultimate growing conditions.

This bag is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme, it just needs to be clean and dry. Learn how to clean and dry your Tui growing media bags here.


  • Seaweed enriched to help protect seedlings from soil-borne diseases.
  • Starter fertiliser to encourage rapid establishment of plants and robust root growth.
  • SaturAid wetting agent to spread water evenly to the root zone and encourage rapid root development.
  • Packaging contains recycled plastic.
  • 100% weed free.

Directions for use

Sowing in garden beds

  1. Add a layer of Tui Seed Raising Mix to the sowing area.
  2. Make shallow furrows in the mix, and water well.
  3. Sow the seed as directed on the packet.
  4. Lightly cover with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  5. Press soil gently.
  6. Water lightly and regularly.

Sowing in containers and trays

  1. Fill your container with Tui Seed Raising Mix up to 1cm from the top.
  2. Water lightly to ensure mix is moist.
  3. Sow the seed as directed on the packet.
  4. Lightly cover with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  5. Cover your container with glass or a light plastic bag to retain moisture and warmth for germination and place in a warm spot.
  6. Water lightly and regularly.
  7. As seedlings begin to develop harden them off by putting them outside at intervals. This helps limit transplant shock when you plant them out.
  8. Transplant seedlings into a suitable planting mix once they have two sets of true leaves.

Once in the garden small seedlings are vulnerable to the weather, slugs and snails. Protect with a cloche, and Tui Quash slug & snail control.

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Tui Seed Raising Mix reviews

(2 reviews)

    We ordered 2 bags of this wonderful stuff and it has been the key to starting off a garden as not only something fun but also something educational for my little one. She's not yet 2 and is already a keen gardener because this seed raising mix is reliable and just perfect to get things up and away. Looking forward to picking up more of this along with all the other Tui goodies


    Use for all our seeds in August and usually get a perfect strike rate love it


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