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Tui Wild Bird Seed Mix

Tui Wild Bird Seed Mix

(3 out of 3 reviews)

Available in: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg

It is such a pleasure to have the company of wild birds in your own garden, to enjoy their beauty, colour and song. Feeding birds is a simple way to increase the number of birds in your garden and provides entertainment for the whole family. It also provides the birds with a regular food source over the cold winter months when food is scarce.

Tui Wild Bird Seed Mix contains a nutritious blend of seeds, a tasty treat designed to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.


  • Enjoy the colour, song and beauty of New Zealand's birds.
  • All natural, no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Suitable for use in feeders and scattering on your lawn.

Directions for use

  • Put your hanging feeder or platform station in a position that is visible for you to see and enjoy the birds as they come and go.
  • Make sure it is in a quiet, naturally sheltered location, and away from windows that birds may fly into.
  • Keep it topped up with Tui Wild Bird Seed Mix so birds come to know it as a reliable food source.
  • Be sure to clean and dry your feeder or station regularly, to prevent the spread of disease amongst the wild bird population.
  • Always keep food dry - don't allow it to go mouldy, as rotten food has the potential to be harmful to wild birds.
  • Some birds prefer to eat on the ground, so you can also scatter food on the lawn. Birds can be vulnerable at ground level so be sure to keep it away from shrubs and any favourite hiding places for cats.

While making your backyard their home, wild birds will naturally search for common garden pests such as caterpillars and snails - a fantastic benefit for gardeners.

Treat your backyard friends to a Tui Wild Bird Seed Bell. It will give them days of entertainment and nutrition while using their natural pecking instincts to pull apart the bell.

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Tui Wild Bird Seed Mix reviews

(3 reviews)

    I do love using this to bring more birds into my garden but very disappointed with the weeds now growing where I have scattered it on my lawn. Very noticeable as I scatter in a line. The instructions say that it is suitable to scatter on the lawn.


    We enjoy birds in our garden which is in an urban area with few large trees. The Tui seed mix attracts lots of birds including some we rarely see. The birds love it and spend a long time gleaning every last seed. A great product which is reasonably priced.


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