Can I cull some of my tiger worms in my worm farm?


Hi Tui, my worms in my Tui worm farm are growing big and fat and it seems to me that I should cull some. Is it okay to put tiger worms into my vegie garden? I've been told they function differently to garden worms and are likely to eat the goodness from the soil. Is this true? In other words what do I do with my excess worm farm worms? Thanks.

Robyn Appleby


Hi Robyn, earthworms are solitary, tiger worms are in clumps and can live for up to 4-5 years. They feed in different parts of the garden as well. Earthworms go deep, tiger worms not so much, they feed on organic plant material and are closer to the soil surface. Tiger worms have a voracious appetite, as long as there is a food source available for them (and the birds don't get them) they will stay in the vegetable garden. If there is no food source, they will disappear. The best thing to do is give excess tiger worms away to your local school, or neighbour's who have worm farms, put an advert up at your local supermarket, I am sure you will get some takers. The Tui Team.

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Can I cull some of my tiger worms in my worm farm? Comments

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