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Hi Tui, I have a 6 yr old dwarf peach - Honey Babe. I have had 5 yrs of successful cropping, then last season it had terrible brown rot and I got very few fruit. I read that it might be a good idea to remove that tree and start again somewhere else in the garden. Do dwarf fruit trees have a limited life span? Thank you

Prue T


Hi Prue,

Brown rot is a lot to do with the season - wet weather in spring, and it is always good to have a regular spray regime for fruit trees that are susceptible to disease, especially dwarf fruit trees. It is worth persevering don't remove the tree, but start a protectant spray programme with a copper based spray. Do this at leaf fall - Honey Babe tends to be almost evergreen so in late autumn early winter is good, at bud burst in spring and again once petals have fallen. It may also be helpful to thin out leaves and fruit during the growing season to improve air circulation around the tree. Collect up fallen leaves and any fruit to prevent the fungal spores over-wintering in the soil and spreading, burn or throw in the rubbish as composting this material will help spread the disease.

Tui Team 

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