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How do I deter birds on my newly sown lawn?


Hi, when I sow my lawn, why do I have every bird in my neighborhood decide to party on the patch that has just been sown?

Jeanette Davis


HI Jeanette, even though lawn seed has a bird deterrent, there is no stopping hungry birds. Some suggestions to deter them are to put string over the area with humming tape or shiny flappy objects to scare them off. Vineyards use large blow up owls with huge eyes that can be placed on a stake to scare birds away. Try feeding the birds Tui Wild Bird seed in another area of the garden so that they don't need to feed on the lawn seed. Try pegging shade cloth over the area, use 30% shade, this will also help the seed germinate, remove the cloth once the seed germinates, the birds will leave it alone then. Lianne.

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How do I deter birds on my newly sown lawn? Comments

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