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How do I get rid of moss from my lawn?


Hi, what are the best ways of getting rid of moss from our lawn? I always use your products. I have previously used sulphate crystals, but the moss still returns each year. Thanks, Clive.


Tui Moss Control for Lawns made using Sulphate of Iron is the best solution to moss in lawns. Apply 15g (approx. 1 tablespoon) per square metre of lawn, either directly or dissolved in a watering can (1L for every 15g). Water in well after application.

Tui Lawn Fertiliser also contains Sulphate of Iron so feeds lawns and control moss at the same time.

Once the moss turns black rake it out and oversow with lawn seed. The moss will keep coming back if you don’t change the reason for it growing in your lawn which can include poor drainage, heavy clay soils, shaded side of the house or trees shading the lawn.

To improve drainage aerate your lawn by spiking it to open up the soil, apply gypsum if the soil is heavy which will break down the clay and loosen the soil particles. There isn’t much you can do if the lawn is on the south side of the house, you could consider paving that area if the moss is a real problem.

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How do I get rid of moss from my lawn? Comments

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    Bernie Christian

  • We have acquired a lawn in clay soil which is probably 50% moss and broadleaf weed Once the moss and weeds are treated, what is the best process to reinstate the lawn.

    Natasha Ryan

  • Hi Natasha, once treated, the moss and broadleaf weeds need to be raked out, then apply a 25-30mm layer Tui Lawn Preparation Mix, firm down then sow seed. Check out our Lawn Growing Guide here: Applications of lime and gypsum will help break down clay soils but the drainage or soil needs to be improved otherwise the moss and weeds are going to come back. All the best, Tui Team


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