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How do I thicken up my newly sown lawn?


Hi there, I've seeded my lawn with Tui Superstrike Easycare seed. I've reseeded bare patches twice. What I'm wondering is whether this grass seed spreads (creeps) or not? If it doesn't, do any of your seeds, and I could combine some of that in? A couple of pics attached of representative bare areas. But there's lots. Thanks, Simon

Simon Nieper


Hi Simon, there are several amenity grasses that creep, tall fescue, fine turf fescue and browntop are three common types, along with Kentucky Blue Grass. The Superstrike Easycare blend contains fine turf fescue. Browntop is in the Superstrike Superfine blend. Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall Fescue are in the Superstrike Hot & Dry blend. You can oversow with any of these, although it may be getting too late in the season to sow more seed. Maintenance may be your best option now, until autumn when you can oversow. The soil looks quite stony and gravely, and so the lawn will benefit from the addition of organic matter, such as LawnForce Lawn Preparation mix which can be applied over the existing lawn. Rake the area first to break up the soil surface tension, then apply a layer of Lawn Preparation mix, water it in as it will fall below the grass. Lawn Preparation mix contains Saturaid which is a wetting agent to help retain soil moisture as well as a blend of slow release fertilisers for healthy growth. Humic acid which is in liquid fertilisers will also benefit the soil, try Tui Seaweed & Fish fertiliser. The other thing you can do to help thicken the lawn up is to mow regularly on a high setting, this stimulates growth and helps crowd out broadleaf weeds. Lianne.

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