How do I take Blueberry cuttings?


Hi Tui, I have a 30 year old blueberry plant. I am trying to propagate cuttings. What advice can you give me please.

Emma Fleming


Hi Emma, 

Take hardwood cuttings of blueberries when the leaves have fallen and the plant is dormant. Hardwood cuttings are taken from one year old current seasons growth that has gone "woody" and hardened off. Softwood cuttings can be taken in spring from stem cuttings or suckers that come from the base of the tree.

Make the cuttings 15-20cm long, cut just below a bud for the bottom of the cutting and pinch out the tip just above a bud at the top. At the base of the cutting make a small downward 10mm slither or slice, to expose a small part of the bark. The cuttings can be dipped into a rooting hormone powder or Gel, available at garden centres or DIY stores, this helps stimulate root growth. Place the cuttings into Tui Superlight Potting mix with coarse pumice added 75/25 ratio or a propagation mix. Place the cuttings somewhere warm, make sure the cuttings are are kept moist and don't dry out.

Soft wood cuttings can be taken in spring, make the cuttings 12-15cm long, pinch the tip out to remove very soft growth, leave 3-4 leaves at the top, place the cuttings in a warm position in the same mix as above, with a plastic bag over the top of the cuttings to ensure they don't dry out. 

Thanks, The Tui Team.

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