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I need a fertiliser high in nitrogen for my lawn, what should I use?


Hi there, I have been advised to treat my lawn with nitrogen to kill off some of the weeds that are growing through (majority of the lawn is weed at the moment but the grass is still there). Will this product do the job? I have a dog who of course uses the lawn so any product I use needs to be pet safe and quickly absorbed (slow release probably won't work for that reason). What would you advise? 

Kelly Hawkins


Hi Kelly, Tui LawnForce Rapid Green is high in nitrogen at 22% as well as containing 5% iron, so it will stimulate growth as well as rapidly green up your lawn. It is pet safe once dry, and the only reason for that is if animals (or humans) walk on the grass while wet there is a risk of staining porous surfaces such as decks, pavers and concrete due to the high iron content. Liquid feeding is the quickest way to get fertiliser onto your lawn, but you can also safely use a slow release granular fertiliser, Tui LawnForce fertilisers have a very small prill, it is applied to a dry lawn and watered in, pets and humans need to stay off until it is dry so as not to stain porous surfaces. Once dry, it is safe. Lianne.

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I need a fertiliser high in nitrogen for my lawn, what should I use? Comments

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