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When is it time to fertilise my lawn?


Hi Tui, my lawn was looking very lush before the heavy down pours of rain we have been experiencing. Is it time to fertilise and rejuvinate or not. Thank you. Maxine

Maxine Gribble


Hi Maxine,

Wait until early August before fertilising and rejuvenating your lawn. At the moment lawns aren't actively growing because the ground temperature is too cold, and so the grass won't take up the nutrients, it will just wash away. In about another months time temperatures should start to warm up and frosts have hopefully disappeared. In early spring, to rejuvenate your lawn, apply Tui LawnForce New Lawns and Repair, it contains a slow release source of nitrogen that stimulates growth and soil microbial activity, as well as encouraging healthy root growth. It also contains seaweed extract for overall plant health and root development. Strong healthy roots will tolerate summer extremes such as drought. In late October, early November feed your lawn with Tui LawnForce All Purpose for a lush green lawn. Tui Team

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