My seed potatoes got frosted, what do I do?


Hi Tui, what is the best things to do for my potatoes, the leaves got frosted this morning. Thanks.



Hi Theresa,

It depends how bad the frost damage is. If it is light frost damage with a few leaves affected, leave them and see how the plants recover. If the leaves are black and starting to rot, then remove them as this could cause disease to spread. Leave the potatoes for a week or so to see if they recover, and if a frost is expected, cover them with newspaper or frost cloth (pinned down with rocks so it doesn't blow away) to prevent further damage. Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic helps plants tolerate frost to -5 degrees, as well as sudden temperature fluctuations experienced at this time of year. It is especially good for tomatoes and potatoes planted early in the season. Start applying now as it will also help stimulate root growth and protect against pests and diseases. Tui Team.

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My seed potatoes got frosted, what do I do? Comments

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