What can I do to get bigger feijoa fruit?


Hi Tui, my feijoa unique produces lots of smallish grade fruit. Would pruning help to generate bigger fruit, or is there another answer? It is about 5 yrs old and is well watered. 

Alf Weston


Hi Alf

Pruning does help generate new growth. Feijoas fruit on the new seasons growth, so if you prune your tree, it will create more branching and potentially more fruit. The fruit will be bigger, but will be less for the first season. Small fruit may have something to do with feeding and watering. Feijoas are very hardy and require little attention, but regular feeding with Tui Citrus Food or Tui NovaTec Premium fetiliser will help improve flowering and fruiting. Feed in early spring when they start to flower, and again in late summer. Take care not to feed too late in summer or early autumn if you are in a frost prone area.

Regular watering, especially in the dry spell we have just had will help with fruiting and fruit size. Mulch around the tree with a suitable mulch. Tui Mulch & Feed is perfect, this adds organic matter to the soil, as well as nutrients and helps retain soil moisture. Of course, if you do nothing, your feijoa will still reward you with fruit, but there are things that can be done to get a bumper crop next season.

Thanks, Tui Team.

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