What can I do to green up my sun-scorched Buxus topiary?


Hi Tui, my buxus topiary is sun scorched. It has been well watered, but is in a sheltered spot and during March when the sun was hot, it now has scorched leaves. I have kept it well watered. How long will it take to show new growth and is it likely to recover fully? It is a 3 tiered topiary and all leaves are brown. Thank you. 

Carolyn Henson


Hi Carolyn,

I would suggest repotting the tree into a larger pot or fresh potting mix at some stage. For now, leave it to see if it recovers from the summer. You can tell if the tree is still alive by nicking the bark on the stem, if it is green underneath then the plant will be salvageable, if it is brown, unfortunately it may not be.

Apply Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic to the tree every 7 days at a rate of 70-100mls per 9L watering can. Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic is like vitamins for plants, it is not a fertiliser so is safe to use on plants that are not thriving. Keep applying Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic until the plant starts to show signs of recovery and new growth. Once green growth appears, you can also add Tui Seaweed & Fish to the Seaweed plant tonic every four weeks - this is boosted with nitrogen and is a fertiliser as well as containing humates to stimulate growth.

When watering your buxus make sure it is watered until water is running out the bottom of the pot, give it a good soaking at least twice a week, depending upon the weather. Regular feeding is also important, Tui Seaweed & Fish is a good liquid fertiliser or Tui Novatec Premium fertiliser. Feed in early spring, summer and autumn. Follow the application directions on the pack for pot size, and water in well after feeding

Another consideration is Buxus Blight which is a fungal disease that affects buxus. Plants can recover, but it takes time. A copper based spray may help prevent disease spreading, but your local garden centre or DIY store will be able to recommend a suitable control if you suspect it may be blight instead of a watering problem.

Thanks, The Tui Team.

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