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What is the best medium blade grass to sow for a lawn?


Hi, I am after a grass seed mix with medium blade grass for my lawn and do not want fine fescue or needle blade type grass varieties. I am after a mix blend of tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. I would like your opinion on Kentucky 31 to see if that would be adequate also. I have checked the products available in Mitre10 and Bunnings. Regards David Dahya

David Dahya


Hi David, Tui LawnForce Superstrike Hot & Dry is a blend of Tall Fescue, fine turf perennial rye and Kentucky Blue Grass which are medium blade grasses. Kentucky Blue Grass is a deep rooting grass that has good drought tolerance, tall fescue also has good drought tolerance. An alternative is to use two blends, LawnForce Superstrike All Seasons which is two types of fine turf perennial rye grasses which are very resilient and germinate in cooler temperatures, and LawnForce Superstrike Tall Fescue which is a blend of two tall fescue seed variants. Lianne.

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What is the best medium blade grass to sow for a lawn? Comments

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