What is the best mulch for my lemon tree?


Hi, I have an established lemon tree and would like to know if I put compost around it now, or mulch and feed? Thankyou.



Hi Jeni, both are beneficial, they add organic matter to the soil, they help suppress weeds, and make weed pulling easier down the track, they also help conserve soil moisture. Tui Compost is organic plant material, fine bark, blood and bone, and gypsum, it is best dug into the existing soil, but can be used as a mulch. Tui Mulch & Feed has and organic bark base, contains straw mulch, blood and bone, sheep manure and Saturaid to channel water to the roots and draws it down into the soil, rather than the water running off the soil surface. Your choice will be whatever your budget allows, and also the aesthetics of the products, my choice would be mulch & feed, laid around the tree extending in a 50 cm radius (depending upon how big the tree is) and 5cm thick to get the full benefit of the mulch. Autumn is a good time to do this before the winter frosts come along and the soil temperature drops. The Tui Team.



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