What should I fill my raised garden bed with before planting?


Hi Tui, I am establishing a raised garden bed for the first time - boxes are 2.7m x 1200. I would like to know what the best product was to fill them with. I had thought about putting screened dirt in the bottom part and then Tui organic vegetable mix on top. I also wondered about your organic compost mix as well. Can you please advise what might be the best products to use to establish this raised bed which will be 50 cm high? Thanks.

Margaret Batchelar


Hi Margaret,

For your garden bed you will need 1.62 cubic metres of bagged compost and vegetable mix if filling from the base (50cm base). One cubic metre of compost or vegetable mix equals 25 bags of 40L mix. You would require approximately 30 to 40 bags to fill your bed from the base. Fill to approximately 30mm from the top of the bed to allow for topping up at a later date, the mix will settle over time and so will need a top up of compost or vegetable mix.  Screened top soil or compost can be put in the base, but to make it a little more cost effective mix this with coarse organic plant material such as tree prunings, mulch, straw, lawn clippings, rotted hay, any sort of organic matter that will break down is fine, fill to half way. Then add a layer of Tui Certified Organic Compost or Tui Compost, until the bed is three quarters full, then top up with Tui Certified Organic Vegetable mix or Tui Vegetable mix and plant your seedlings directly into this.


The Tui Team

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