What should I plant in my large planters to grow strawberries and vegetables?


HI Tui, I have recently purchased two Keter Urban Bloomer 110L planters. I want to grow strawberries in one and vegetables in the other. I have purchased some Tui Vegetable mix, Tui Strawberry mix and Tui Outdoor Container mix. I have now been told at my local garden centre that rather than filling the planters with the other mixes I should put a layer of compost (1bag) of compost at the bottom and then put the vegetable /strawberry mix on top. What do Tui recommend for this situation?

Jackie North


Hi Jackie,

Tui do not recommend using compost in pots, planters and containers because as it breaks down it compacts and does not provide sufficient drainage for plants. Best practice is to dig compost into the garden soil and to not use it in pots and containers. You can purchase a cheaper potting mix to fill the base of the planter and then use Tui Vegetable mix and Tui Strawberry mix around your plants, this will make it more cost effective if filling a large container, and could possibly be why your garden centre suggested putting compost in the base. Tui Outdoor Container mix can be added as well as it has water crystals for extra water retention and stops plants drying out as quickly. We recommend filling your planters with the Tui mixes, but if the budget doesn't stretch that far, it is okay to put a cheaper mix in the bottom and the Tui mixes in the top half. Regards, The Tui Team.

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What should I plant in my large planters to grow strawberries and vegetables? Comments

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