When will my seed grown avocado fruit?


Hi, I have an avocado tree that was grown from seed, will it produce fruit? If yes, when do I expect some fruit?

Miriam Uy


Hi Miriam, yes, your seed grown avocado will fruit, but it will take 7-10 years before you see any fruit, where grafted avocados will fruit in 3-4 years. Grafting is where a tree is grown from seed and a small branch is taken from an already fruiting tree and grafted on to the seedling tree, this speeds up fruiting. There are other things that will influence fruiting such as suitable pollinators in your area. Cold temperatures and rain at the time of flowering will affect pollination, also frost can affect avocado trees especially when they are young, as they mature and establish they become more frost tolerant so plant in a sheltered spot protected from frost and wind.

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