Why are my harvested carrots so pale?


Hi Tui, the carrots I am harvesting are very pale. Is this a nitrogen deficiency?



Hi Frances,

The carrots are likely to be pale due to fluctuating temperatures, too hot or too cold, or too wet or too dry, close to harvest. Carrots are very efficient at extracting nitrogen from the soil and so as long as there is organic matter in the soil, it is unlikely to be a nitrogen deficiency. Regularly apply Tui Seaweed Plant tonic to your carrots, either weekly or fortnightly, it can be applied in winter, this will help your crop withstand temperature fluctuations. Ensure you water your vegetable garden regularly, and water according to the weather. Make sure carrots are planted in a light free draining soil free of any large chunks of wood or stones. Dig in Tui Vegetable Food at the time of planting and apply every 4-6 weeks, this is suitable for root crops. Regards, The Tui Team.

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