Why have my leeks not grown?


Hi, I have transplanted leeks in early February, they are the same size now as when I planted them. Last year I tried growing them they didn’t grow until after winter, then they went to seed. What am I doing wrong?

John Cameron


Hi John, leeks grow well in a well drained soil rich in organic matter that retains moisture, they don't do well in lighter soils, so make sure you have dug in plenty of organic compost and manure into your garden bed. Apply a fertiliser rich in nitrogen, such as Tui Vegetable food, apply now and again in July / August. Make sure your plants have plenty of space to grow, about 15cm between plants. The likely reason your leeks have gone to seed could be because of sudden changes in temperature - hot and then cold. Another reason is inconsistent watering, or not enough water. To help your plants tolerate temperature fluctuations regularly apply Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic. Seaweed tonic helps stimulate root growth and helps plants tolerate temperature fluctuations and helps plants recover from transplant shock. the best time to plant leeks is in November, December and March, April. You may have planted them a little early, be patient, they should start to take off now. The Tui Team.

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