Why is my Daphne not thriving?


Hi there. I recently (late Feb/early March) planted two Daphne into identical but separate pots. I have watered them at the same time with the same amount. They are located less than 1 metre apart in a very sheltered spot on the south side of the house.

One is looking very droopy while the other is thriving. Someone suggested adding Tui Acid Food but I see this website said its not recommended for pots. What else can I do please?



Hi Sharon, are they planted in a well drained potting mix? Are they possibly being overwatered? Daphne like a cool moist root run but also need a well drained mix. Without seeing a photo it is hard to confirm exactly what is affecting your Daphne. They are susceptible to virus which can be spread by insect or mechanically from secateurs or garden tools, the leaves turn yellow and the plant droops.

By applying fertiliser (which will be in the potting mix) you could add to the problem. Instead apply Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic at a rate of 70-100ml per 9L watering can every seven days until you see the plant picking up and improving.

The other thing it could be is a root disorder, root rot fungi can enter the plant through the roots from the soil, this happens if the mix is not free draining or the roots were damaged in some way when the plant was potted up. Preserve with the seaweed and hopefully the plant recovers. Once it has improved and looking healthy again you can use Tui Enrich Rose, Camellia, Azalea & Gardenia controlled release fertiliser which is suitable for pots. 

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