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Why is my lawn yellowing?


Hi, why have parts of my lawn turned yellow after re-sowing earlier in the year? Thanks.

Tony Locke


Hi Tony, there could be several reasons for your lawn yellowing, it will be a process of elimination. Poor drainage can cause yellowing, this can be caused by heavy clay soil or not enough topsoil on top of a clay base, which is quite common in new subdivisions. Add organic matter to the soil, either by applying a fine layer of compost or Tui Lawn Preparation mix over the area. Organic matter will help improve soil structure as well as improving water retention in summer and make fertiliser applications more effective. If drainage is poor, you can aerate the soil with spikes tied on to shoes (purchased from hardware stores) to open up the soil structure. Another reason for lawns to yellow is grass grub, if the grass is yellowing and there is dead grass on the soil surface, as well as birds like starlings feeding on the lawn, then it is possible you have grass grub. To find out if you do have grass grub, dig a square to a spade depth and turn the sod over, you should see grass grub if it is present. If you suspect grass grub talk to your local garden centre of hardware store for a suitable control. It could be the colder temperatures, have you had a frost or does your lawn needs feeding. Wait another 4-6 weeks before applying lawn fertiliser, use Tui LawnForce New Lawns to help stimulate new growth and rejuvenate the lawn early in the season, followed by Tui LawnForce All Purpose in late spring. Lianne, Tui Team

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