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Growing from Seed Guide

Nurturing your plant from a tiny seed to a delicious crop of veges, or a stunning floral display, provides satisfaction second to none for gardeners! Grow seeds in seed raising trays, your garden, or containers and pots.


To raise seeds successfully in garden beds or seed raising trays it is important to have a light, free draining mix, like Tui Seed Raising Mix. This mix provides ideal conditions for germinating seeds and seedling establishment. Gypsum ensures strong, healthy root growth and seaweed improves root development and overall plant health.

It can be used when planting seeds straight into the garden, in containers and seed raising trays.


Some seeds are best sown directly into the garden, like peas, beans and carrots; whereas other seeds are best sown in seed raising trays - check the seed packet for individual instructions. 

Directions for sowing in containers and seed raising trays:

  • Fill your container with Tui Seed Raising Mix up to 1cm from the top.
  • Tap the container gently on the ground to settle the mix.
  • Water lightly to ensure mix is moist.
  • Sow the seed as directed on the packet.
  • Lightly cover with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  • Cover your container with glass or a light plastic bag to retain moisture and warmth for germination.
  • Place in a warm spot with natural light.
  • Water lightly and regularly.
  • Transplant seedlings into small pots (either a bio pot or something similar to those you buy your seedlings in at the garden centre) filled with Tui Vegetable Mix once they have two sets of true leaves.
  • As seedlings begin to develop harden them off by putting them outside at intervals. This helps limit transplant shock when you plant them out.

They are ready to plant in the garden when they are about the size you buy in the garden centre, and there is no risk of frost.

Directions for sowing in garden beds:

  • Make shallow furrows in the soil.
  • Place 2cm of Tui Seed Raising Mix in the bottom of the furrows and water.
  • Sow the seed as directed on the packet.
  • Lightly cover with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  • Press soil gently.
  • Water lightly and regularly.


Feed your plants and they will reward you. Once you have planted your seedlings out into the garden, it is important to regularly fertilise them to replenish nutrients used in the growing process.

Select a fertiliser specially blended for your plant or crop like the Tui Food range, or use an all purpose variety, such as Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser. A well watered, well nourished garden will have a better chance of keeping insect pests and diseases at bay.

The weather, weeds, pest insects and diseases can all impact on the success of your seedlings once planted in garden beds. Protect small seedlings from the elements with cloches, and use Tui Quash slug & snail control to prevent slugs and snails eating them.

Mulch to help keep their roots moist and to keep your garden weed free. Be vigilant and stop unwanted insects and diseases from ruining your plants.

When should I plant
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  • Harvest in 50-65 days

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