Summer Season Blooms

Check out what's trending this season with Zealandia's new season blooms! Deep purples, white lavender and warm yellows and oranges are this summer's colours.

Beedance Bidens Painted Red

Colourwave Beedance Bidens Painted Red is a stunning new variety of Bidens that produces masses of intense yellow and scarlet bicoloured blooms all over the plant. These plants have a fantastic compact growth habit and rich green foliage. It also has superior heat tolerance and will flower consistently all through summer and autumn.

Surdaisy Brachyscome Mauve

Colourwave Surdaisy Brachyscome Mauve is a stunning new variety of Brachyscome which is very easy to grow and maintain. Brachyscome are native to Australia meaning they are bred to withstand the harshest of summer conditions but equally can tolerate the cool and have fantastic rain resistance meaning the flowers will shine in any conditions.

Lavender LaVela White

The most stunning and unique white lavender! Lavender LaVela White have a lovely compact growth form which is well branching and quite vigorous which becomes adorned with masses of flowers. Lavender LaVela White are suitable in the garden or to create a statement in your patio pots.

Nemesia Penhow™ Escential Strawberry

Nemesia Penhow Escential Strawberry produces beautiful flowers in bicolour purple and pink tones, providing months of colour. This stunning new colour produces masses of flowers above the plants foliage creating a stunning floral display. Heat resistance is a benefit of this plant but the real deal maker is the stunning aroma that is produced by the flowers.

Petunia Midnight Gold

Petunia Midnight Gold is an utterly unique new variety that's sure to stand out. Petunia midnight gold delivers layer upon layer of velvety black petals, each edged in a pale gold, making it one of the most lavish varieties in the market. Perfect for creating an opulent display in hanging baskets, patio pots and garden beds.

Keep an eye out in all leading garden centres this summer so you don't miss out on these stunners!

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  • Love these emails. Inspiring plan ideas and great tips. Thank you

    Jeanette Barry

  • What marvellous choices! Love Tui's flair & hints.

    Jan Randle